Can You Believe I Lost My Tooth Because of My Wife?

Can You Believe I Lost My Tooth Because of My Wife?

My wife punched me in the mouth and broke a tooth. No, she was not mad at me. It was an accident. I work out on a heavy bag. She was joking about all the punching. We were goofing around with the heavy bag. She charged at it with her fist, it slipped off and busted me right in the chops. The next thing I know is that her knuckle was bleeding because she got cut on my tooth, and I was heading to a dentist in Fairy Meadow. It cost me time from work and more to get a crown on that busted tooth. She felt so bad. I could not help laughing even though my mouth was sore. Read the rest of this entry

Before & After Photos A Must-Read Transformation Story

Before & After Photos A Must-Read Transformation Story

Kitchen Before Remodel

Janis Schwartz was sick of how her outdated kitchen and living room looked and decided to do something about it. It was time for a DIY remodel. She purchased her 1981 brick ranch in 2009. It had little to no updating done to it, but it had a good foundation. Janis started out by deciding what her timeline for the remodel was going to be and chose a five-year plan with completion of a total update (and selling the property) by 2020. Most importantly, she set a firm budget, making it the biggest expense in the house at an estimated $20,000.

As you can see in the header image, Janis took what was once a red brick floor-to-ceiling fireplace flanked by dark wood shelving and transformed the room into an absolutely gorgeous and cozy living space. When Janis and her significant other decided on a design for the new kitchen, including gray kitchen cabinets, they boarded and tiled the fireplace so that the living room scheme would flow nicely with the chosen kitchen design. In case you’re wondering, the fireplace above is gas with glass rock. She’s still working on deciding what type

How Much Does A Fence Cost

How Much Does A Fence Cost

Before installing a fence, the first thing all homeowners need to know is the average price. Fence installation costs vary based on the type and size of your chosen fence and therefore, makes research difficult and long. We have simplified the process and gathered the average prices for the most popular fences on the market. If you have ever wondered how much a fence costs, than this article is your answer.

Privacy Fence

Overview of Fencing Costs

First off, installing a fence can be a DIY project, but I will warn you that it is not the easiest home remodeling job. Hiring a professional is the safer route, but as you probably expect, it is also the costlier one.

You must consider your individual needs before purchasing and choosing a fence. Higher fences will not only take longer to install, but are more expensive. The materials are heavier and more difficult to work with

Chain link fences are the cheapest to purchase and easiest to install. Made from composed galvanized steel or aluminum wrapped with PVC, these fences not only last a very long time, but are also incredibly easy and quick to install. While a wooden fence offers more

DIY Tips For How To Build A Sunroom

DIY Tips For How To Build A Sunroom


Open Porches

Open porches are unquestionably a blessing, especially in warm weather. They provide some extra living space in the open air that just can’t be duplicated by decks or patios. They protect you from the sun and rain and if there’s a better place to hang a hammock, it’s hard to imagine. But when the weather turns cold an open porch loses nearly all its appeal. It becomes dormant real estate that doesn’t get much use until things warm up again. In some areas of the country this can take nearly six months, which is a long time for something that cost so much to be out of commission.

For die-hard porch enthusiasts, enclosing the space or a screened in porch may not be attractive. But for the rest of us, the tradeoff can be compelling, especially if you have a large porch that would add substantially to the year-round square footage of your house. And, if you enclose the space with large windows, like we did, you can end up with a dramatic sun room that has a special appeal of its own.

Because so

Tips on caring for a rug at your home

Tips on caring for a rug at your home

Rug is one of the base or floor coating that is useful to create a comfortable and beautify the room, usually large adapted to the size of the floor of a room. Because its use is always placed on the floor, carpet or rug is easy to dirty, dusty and humid which resulted reduce the quality. When your rug have received less care, it will reduce the beauty and strength of the rug, for which it needs the right treatment to mitigate them. oriental rugs in Nashville will give you some tips on caring for your rug in the house, as follows:

  1. Clean the dust on the rug by vacuuming using a vacuum cleaner or a with a broom, minimum of twice a week. do this process outside the home.
  2. Do not put down a rug too long in the top floor because it will cause the bottom becomes moist, that will lead to the growth of fungi that easily become dirty and smelly.
  3. To prevent the rug is not damp and overgrown with fungus then, drying the rug least once a week so that the rug fibers are always maintained in a dry state , do not forget to clean the

Tips to Revamp Patio Furniture

Tips to Revamp Patio Furniture

Instead of tossing out your old patio furniture, spend a little time revamping the seat cushions and other components so that you have a new look. These tips from The Foam Factory will have old furniture looking bright and beautiful in no time flat.

Remove any paint and add a new coat that is a different color. Consider beige or a neutral color before adding revamped cushions in a bright color.

When you begin the remodeling project, use colors that are relaxing and comforting, especially if you plan on sitting outside for long periods of time or if you like entertaining family and friends. Add extra cushion filling to seats that seem a little flat. This will help give more comfort to wrought iron and wooden furniture as these pieces can become hard to sit on if the cushions are flat. You should also think about the exterior of the cushions. Find waterproof material so that you don’t have to put the furniture in a shed or in storage when it rains.

The material used for cushion replacement should be lightweight, making it easy to move from one piece of furniture to another. It should also be mold and mildew resistant,

Applications of Fan Coil Air Cooling Units

Applications of Fan Coil Air Cooling Units

A fan coil unit installation is an energy efficient and effective way to provide comfort to an environment. These chilled water units are an affordable alternative to traditional air conditioning for a broad range of commercial spaces.


These fan coil units are a sound solution as they utilize significantly smaller ventilation plant and distribution duct work than an all-air system.

Expect a higher cooling capacity.

The capital equipment will come at a comparatively low cost.

Unlike traditional a/c construction, you will have individual zone control of space temperature where suitable controls fit.

There will be the opportunity to accept updates in load and space layouts.

The delivery system requires less building space.

Effective Air Conditioning Application

Fan coils are best suited to situations that require intermittent medium and high sensible cooling loads. These environments do not need close humidity control. This includes hotels, restaurants, dorms, standard hospital patient rooms and offices. Ultimately, the fundamental reason for installing a fan coil system is to take advantage of comfort conditioning under unique environmental conditions within a space.

The installation usually entails mounting the unit in a ceiling void that does not occupy floor space within the building. There are also situations where vertically mounted cased or recessed units may be

How to repair Box Sash windows

How to repair Box Sash windows

Sash windows have a reputation for being draughty, though this reputation has changed a great deal in recent years due to improvements in both the windows themselves, as well as widely available sealants. However, while many traditional models bear some of the traditional heat retention problems associated with sash windows, this does not mean you’ll have to fork out on a new set when problems start to occur. Here are some ways to retain heat in your sash windows without having to resort to expensive alternatives.

  • A number of accessories can be used to prevent heat loss in sash windows including shutters and several types of blinds and heavy curtains. Of course, these will only work when closed, but in the colder parts of the year, this is a great way of retaining warmth in the house.
  • Draught-proofing is a good option but take note, it can cost around £200 per window. The effects of draught-proofing are substantial, so it really depends on whether you want to proof a couple of windows or a whole household. If it’s the latter, you may be better of installing new windows anyway.
  • Replacing the glazing in your windows is a great option for heat retention. This

Why Is It Important To Replace Old Windows for New Ones?

Why Is It Important To Replace Old Windows for New Ones?

Every home improvement project is incomplete without window replacement, especially when it comes to increasing curb appeal and overall performance of the home. Whether it is the bathroom¸ kitchen or living room of the home, every place needs to have new windows installed. Replacement windows come with numerous benefits that every homeowner wants to enjoy and therefore, they tend to hire a professional contractor to remove old windows and install new ones efficiently.


With home improvement, you are not only able to beautify the property but can also increase its value that is suitable for both, the buyer and seller. The windows are also responsible for conserving energy and keeping the bills as low as possible so that the inhabitants can be rest assured about keeping their homes warm or cool.

While deciding to replace windows, you have to remember when the home was built and whether it has original windows or not. With this information, you will be in a better position to look into what the market is offering and how you are going to make

Tips Spent Your Time When You Are At home

Tips Spent Your Time When You Are At home

Home is the right choice to have your break time when you are tired and just gathering with your family. For refresh your activities you need the home decoration are comfortable and great one to stay. Your home must be comfortable to stay ad the style is of course to get great and fun day. Best decide to make your home decoration look so wonderful. You must give attention of your indoor and outdoor decoration. Then, if you like to decoration your outdoor such as backyard and any kind of out door design, here Jacksonville deck and patio design. It’s professional to outdoor design. Your outdoor will be great and luxury design with the affordable price that you will be get it.

Beside what happen of the office and after the hours that you have. You are tired and want be relax and unwind. That’s answer is you need the right place to enjoy and relax through your time. Maybe you like a party and you want to spend your time with the friend that you have, that means you need backyard to enjoy it. why like that ? cause that place is the great

Natural Vs Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

Natural Vs Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattans are extensively used for making furniture and baskets. When cut into sections, rattan can be used as wood to make furniture. Rattan accepts paints and stains like many other kinds of wood, so it is available in many colours; and it can be worked into many styles. Moreover, the inner core can be separated and worked into wicker.

Rattan garden sets are among the most popular types of garden furniture for many years due to their timeless elegance, high level of comfort and ease of maintenance. In the recent years, however, home owners were also given the ability to choose synthetic rattan furniture which at a first glance looks almost identical to the natural rattan sets. This has caused some confusion among home owners many of which wonder which one to choose. If you are having the same dilemma, you can make your decision easier by taking into account the following factors:

Comfort: There is no difference between natural and synthetic rattan when it comes to comfort. Instead, the level of comfort your rattan garden furniture will provide you with depends on the design and

How To Create A Man Cave Garage

How To Create A Man Cave Garage

Did you know that garage man caves are therapeutic? I’m just kidding, but in all seriousness, a man cave garage is sure to be the talk of the town and your home within your home.

Man caves give us the freedom to express ourselves. It gives us the personal space we sometimes need in the middle of the weekly grind we go through 52 times a year. The benefits are endless, but converting a garage into a man cave is certainly easier said than done.

That is why I have researched and gathered all the steps one must take to convert and remodel a garage into a dream man cave.


To truly design and create the best man cave possible, you need a blank canvas. Many of us use the garage to store bikes, winter clothes, drinks, cleaning supplies, etc. Well, if you’re going to use this garage to the fullest, you need to get organized.

Rummage through all the junk you have in your garage and make sure each item is something you and family needs. If not, sell it on eBay or throw it out. For the items you do need, you better get smart at organizing. Move it to the basement,

6 Food Hacks That Actually Work

6 Food Hacks That Actually Work

Everyone loves a good trick to make their life easier. Given that food plays an important role in life, having a few kitchen tips up your sleeve will certainly simplify your world.

Below are six shortcuts that will make every annoying food prepping task easier—from how to peel a hard boiled egg to opening a tight jar. Whether you love or hate cooking, you can always benefit from these useful food tricks. The best part is that they’re all proven to work!

How to Perfectly Peel A Hard Boiled Egg in Seconds

Even for an experienced home cook, peeling a hard boiled egg can still be a struggle. Rumor has it that you can put a small crack in the bottom of the egg before you boil it. However, creating a small crack that extends all the way through the hard shell without rupturing the membrane really requires some technique. If you thought you could simply crack the egg’s bottom with a spoon, you’re WRONG. I made this mistake when preparing deviled eggs for a potluck party, and this is how they turned out.

Yes. They’re ugly and hard to get out of the shell.

If you don’t have a tool, such as a wood

10 World Famous Doors

10 World Famous Doors

Your doors are important to your home. They prevent heat and air from escaping, improve your home’s curb appeal and protect you from intruders. However, some doors are important on a global scale. They are symbols of faith, tell stories for generations and are cultural icons. Our list of 10 world famous doors will take a deeper look into some of the most renowned doors and why they mean so much to society.

1. The Number 10

Located in the City of Westminster at 10 Downing Street, the Number 10 is the entrance to the headquarters of the executive branch of the British Government. It’s also where the Prime Minister of England lives.

The building features an all black door with an arched glass transom and white pillars on each side. In the upper center part of the door is a vibrant white 10. The door has appeared relatively the same since 1772, but has had one major change. In 1991, after the IRA mortar attack, the wood door was replaced with a blast proof steel door.

2. The Columbus Door

The Columbus Doors were made in Germany in 1855, but couldn’t be transported to the United States until 1863 due to the American Civil

DIY Tips For How To Add A Phone Line To Your Home

DIY Tips For How To Add A Phone Line To Your Home

Chatty teenagers or a fax line are just two of the many reasons homeowners install a second phone line in their home. Fortunately, you can usually install two separate phone lines from your existing wiring if you already have relatively modern telephone wiring.

Safety Precautions

Before we get started, you must know what you’re getting into. While adding phone lines is not as dangerous as many other electrical projects, you could feel a jolt of electricity if the phone rings while holding the wires. Before you do anything, go outside to the phone service box, open the right-hand side and disconnect line one and line two.

How to Add A Second Phone Line

With safety out of the way, we can get down to business. Remove the cover on the phone jack in your house and look at the wires. All telephone cables should contain at least four wires: red, green, black, and yellow. Luckily, only the red and green ones are typically used to connect your primary phone. This leaves the black and yellow wires to power a second line.

The wires in the jack are probably already connected. If not, strip off a half inch of the plastic coating on the end of

What’s The Difference Between A Patio & A Deck

What’s The Difference Between A Patio & A Deck

While many homeowners might link the two together, make no mistake that patios and decks are very different. They both serve the same purpose, letting you enjoy the outdoors on solid ground, but there are distinct characteristics that are unique to patios and decks. Before you build a deck or hire a pro to install your patio, be sure you review the following distinctions between all decks and patios.

The Basics of Patios & Decks

Patio means a courtyard of a house or building. Unlike a courtyard, a patio doesn’t need surrounding walls. Patios are often attached to a house, but can also be detached. Patios can take on any shape and be built with a variety of materials, which I will expand on below. Patios are almost always built at ground level and do not need railings.

Decks are almost always made of wood or composite. Decks are usually not at ground level and made to take advantage of their great view. It’s a challenging, yet common DIY project many Americans take on in the summer. Because they’re not at ground level, railings are needed. Unlike patios, you will have to seal and clean decks regularly to prevent rot and mold.

The Materials of

Hot Water Installation

Hot Water Installation

Hot water heaters are one of the many appliances we do not fully appreciate until it stops working. Believe it not, despite its large exterior and solid metal, steel or copper, hot water heaters do malfunction and require replacement or new installation.

While installing a new hot water heater is certainly not a project for the faint, it can be done in one day with the necessary tools and steps. Below, see when it’s time to replace your hot water, how to install a hot water heater and the total installation cost.

When to Replace Hot Water Heater

Unlike other prominent appliances around the home, there are a few telltale signs your hot water heater needs to be replaced. If you start to see a small puddle or slow drip under your hot water heater, it’s on its way out. Within a day or two, you should see a trail of water slowly running away from the heater. Either way, your tank has rusted and that can not be repaired. If water is dripping from your hot water heater, replace it as soon as you can.

Additionally, and perhaps even more obvious, is the absence of hot water. However, with this sign, before jumping

7 Tips To Make Your House Smell Better

7 Tips To Make Your House Smell Better

When you own a house, it’s easy to get comfortable in your space and fail to notice when it’s time to make changes. You get busy working, the kids and pets are running around, and before you know it, there are smells coming from places you didn’t know existed.

Odors in the home don’t have to be a common occurrence. There are ways to prevent and maintain a home that not only looks good, but smells good too. See seven easy DIY solutions for freshening up your home so you’ve got pleasant odors roaming your space.

1. Eliminate Garbage Disposal Odors

Your garbage disposal could be wreaking more havoc in your home than you might realize. Food and grime build up over time and start to seep through to your kitchen and beyond. Start by running some lemon, lime or orange peels through your disposal to eliminate any odors. It’s said that the acid in the fruit kills some of the odor causing bacteria.

Also, if you’re an advocate of baking soda, this cleaning tip is for you. Dump your baking soda into the garbage disposal, add a cup of white vinegar and let your disposal run. Voila! The hardest part of eliminating odors

How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Foundation

How To Prevent Water Damage To Your Foundation

Your home’s foundation can fail for any number of reasons, ranging from sudden tectonic shifts to gradual soil erosion. Though one of the most common causes of foundation failure is water damage, both from inside and outside your home.

Although water damage is one of the most popular sources of foundation problems, it is also one of the most preventable. When caught early enough, fixing this issue is quite affordable. In fact, many of the tips below are suggestions you can do entirely by yourself.

Preventing Water Damage Inside Your Home

Leaks are the most obvious telltale sign of water damage. If you notice any hissing pipes, clogged toilets or dripping faucets, you might have to bring in a professional to address these issues (unless you’re an experienced DIY plumber).

Less-obvious warning signs include things like:

  • Rot & mold
  • Crumbling concrete
  • Stains & discoloration
  • Backed up sump pumps & septic tanks

However, some damage remains invisible until it is too late such as busted pipes under the floor or loose valves behind the wall. However, you can assess the damage indirectly by turning off the water main for a few hours and seeing if the meter changes. If it does, you’ve got a leak somewhere and it’s time to call a plumber. Rest

Top 10 Small Bathroom Decor Ideas To Steal

Top 10 Small Bathroom Decor Ideas To Steal

If you’re the owner of a small bathroom, then you know how hard it is to make it look bigger and function better. Getting to your end goal may be a tough challenge, but it’s one I encourage you to attempt.

A new year means new must-have trends and fresh decorating ideas for your home. Don’t stress out, this is all good news! Instead of focusing on the size of your bath, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of it. See 10 small bathroom décor ideas you have to try right away.

1. Remove All Clutter

As a homeowner, clutter should be your number one enemy. It creates mess, stress and disorder in the home. If this is something you struggle with, then it’s time to make a change.

Every single thing in your small bath should have a place to live. Unless an item is in use or made to sit on the sink, it shouldn’t be taking up space on the counter. You have countless options for organizing and decluttering including; cabinets above the toilet, shelves, hooks, mirrors with storage and cute baskets. Decorating a small bath is a tough job. Don’t make it harder on yourself by refusing to get